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The World Federation of Therapeutic Communities: Past Award Recipients

The O. Hobart Mowrer Award

The O. Hobart Mowrer Award cites outstanding leadership from outside the TC ranks in the field of treatment or prevention, the helping sciences, philosophy, academia, research, government or the voluntary sector who have advanced the WFTC goals of “man helping man to help himself” and, thereby, the Therapeutic Community cause.

1983: Daniel Casriel, MD, Co-founder of Daytop, USA (posthumously)

1985: Harry Sholl, Founder of TCA and Gateway, USA (posthumously)

1986: William B. O’Brien, Founder of WFTC and Daytop, USA

1992: Maxwell Jones, MD, Father of Democratic TC, Canada (posthumously)

1993: Mario Picchi, Founder of Italy’s TC Movement, CeIS, Italy

1998: Pio Abarro, Director (Ret.) Colombo Plan Bureau, Anti-Drug Strategy, Sri Lanka

2006: Thomas Browne, U.S. Dept. of State, Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, USA

2009: Martien Kooyman, Founder of the Emilihoeve, the first drug free therapeutic community in The Netherlands, Co-founder of the WFTC and the EFTC and founder of EWODOR, the European Working Group on Drug Policy Oriented Research

The WFTC calls for a holistic approach to healing – drawing upon all the disciplines, including medical, psychiatric, and social services, as well as TC trained professional service providers.

The Harry Sholl Award

The Harry Scholl Award cites outstanding leadership from within WFTC ranks in advancing the TC goals and responding to these criteria: distinguished leadership both in WFTC as well as in his/her own region in TC treatment, consistent commitment to TC goals over more than 12 years, a minimum of 12 years continuous WFTC membership, and endorsement by a 2/3 vote of the Executive Council.

1992: Richard Pruss, President of Samaritan Village, Inc., USA

1992: Charles J. Devlin, Senior Vice President, Daytop Village, Inc., USA

1993: James Hendricks, Director, Second Genesis, Inc., USA (posthumously)

1996: Ian R. Permezel, Executive Director, James McGrath Foundation, Australia

1998: Alfonso P. Acampora, President, Walden House, Inc., USA

2000: Oswaldo Fierro, President, CURA, Inc., USA

2000: Ulrich J. Osterhues, President, Daytop/Phoenix/SECA, Germany

2002: Somnuck Rodprasert, Thailand

2004: Allen Bray, President/CEO, Self Help Addiction Rehabilitation (SHAR), USA

2004: Gabriel Mejia M., President, Latin-American Federation of Therapeutic Communities (FLACT), Colombia

2006: Sidney Shankman, MD, Founder and President of Second Genesis, Inc., USA

2006: Bianca Costa Bozzo, Founder, Centro di Solidarieta di Genova (CSG), Italy

2006: Harold J. Rahm, SJ, President, Brazilian Federation of Therapeutic Communities (FEBRACT), Brazil