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World Federation of Therapeutic Communities: Our Structure

The World Federation of Therapeutic Communities, Inc. is governed by a worldwide Board of Directors, which meets in concert with World Conferences. In the interim and on behalf of this Board, the Executive Council, lead by the Officers, govern the day-by-day operations of the WFTC. The Council meets semi-annually.

There are Six Standing Committees, whose Chair people serve on the Executive Council:

1. International Organizing Committee

Responsible for World Conferences as well as IOC. Regulate programs and budgets for same. Propose sites for future Conferences at least two years in advance. Preside over meetings of the IOC; review program content and style; financial management of Conferences.

2. International Concerns Committee

Brings to the attention of the world movement respective problems and concerns confronting TCs in each nation. Serves as an active broker for individual agencies and national groups of TCs with the international WFTC. Updates the Executive Council on worldwide development of TCs.

3. Scientific & Professional Advisory Committee

This is the only committee not necessarily drawn from WFTC membership, but from ranks of international experts. It is a group of prestigious health and governmental authorities, and founders of distinctive therapies compatible with the TC. They provide the Executive Council and Membership with analyses and reports on performance and problem areas as well as significant research.

4. Standards & Goals Committee

Developed the Code of Ethics of the Therapeutic Community which serves as an international guide. Continues to explore standards for TCs internationally and propose criteria for consideration by the Executive Council.

5. Mowrer & Sholl Awards Committee

Proposes and accepts nominations for the awards and submits them, in advance of the mid-year Executive Council Meeting, to the Office of the President.

The O. Hobart Mowrer Award cites outstanding leadership from outside the TC ranks in the field of treatment or prevention, the helping sciences, philosophy, academia, research, government or the voluntary sector who have advanced the WFTC goals of “man helping man to help himself” and, thereby, the Therapeutic Community cause.

The Harry Scholl Award cites outstanding leadership from within WFTC ranks in advancing the TC goals and responding to these criteria: distinguished leadership both in WFTC as well as in his/her own region in TC treatment, consistent commitment to TC goals over more than 12 years, a minimum of 12 years continuous WFTC membership, and endorsement by a 2/3 vote of the Executive Council.

6. Operations Committee

In charge of publication and distribution of the WFTC Bulletin. Custodian of an international information bank on TC formation, growth and history worldwide. Responsible for the logistics of Executive Council and Board Meetings. Official liaison with the United Nations and other regional and international consortia.